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Hey guys! I've made a lot of progress on my game since my last update so I decided to make another video!

The three main updates are as follows:

1. Animation - In the last video I was using the first version of my rig which was kind of hard to use and had some issues in the shoulders. I also was using animation that was intended for a very different model, hence the janky feel of the animations in the last video.

I completely re-rigged the character. After that I compared it to some professional rigs to see if I could improve the way it worked. After polishing it I started to teach myself how to animate a walk cycle. This took several tries and I still need to improve a lot, but I animated the Walk, Run, and Idle animations myself by hand. 

I'm still practicing animation, and at some point I'll try some motion capture as well to see if it can improve my work.

2. Hair - After a LONG time, I finally modeled some hair for my character. I've been working on this hair design for a while and I used some pretty modern techniques to pull off what I have so far. I studied the way Final Fantasy XIII models hair use NURBS curves as guides for strips of flat poylgons. Using that technique I looked at how Capcom made Leon Kennedy's hair for Resident Evil 4, and how the updated it in Resident Evil 6. In my opinion so far, I find Resident Evil's models much easier to follow and understand than Final Fantasy's.

I still want to improve the hair much more, but this should do for now.

3. Dialogue system- I spent a few days this month programming and have a simple dialogue system going. It's not very pretty to look at as I've only added a UI yesterday (Unreal Engine 4's UI system JUST came out last week). 

    Under the hood it's a little fancier.
  • I can make any NPC say any string of lines. 
  • It can handle an infinite amount of lines. 
  • It locks player movement when a conversation starts, and unlocks it when it ends. 
  • I can adjust the minimum distance required to start a conversation to as long or short as I need it to be.
    To Do:
  • Player Choice
  •  Non-Linear Dialogue 
  • External file loading so I don't have to hardcode all the lines
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Turnabout Sisters
  • Reading: Bakuman
  • Playing: Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
  • Drinking: WATER!


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Branden Gonzalez
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Hello everyone! My name is Branden, and I draw in my spare time. I'm an aspiring animator so you'll probably see a lot of studies in anatomy(which is crucial for animation), doodles, and sketches. I'm horrible at nice clean drawings, but I love drawing rough stuff. Hopefully over the course of time of having this account, there will be noticeable improvements in my work! :)

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I've got my last final tomorrow so I might be able to get some more pages out this year :)
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